PUK strongly condemns assaulting Kurdish villages, asking for the return of Peshmarga

  2020-05-16 12:42      583 View Count        Comment

PUK Organization Center of Khanaqin strongly condemns the terrorist attack on Mubarak village, stating "We pledge again to continue our efforts to return Peshmarga so as to protect the stability and security of the area and people via cooperation with the Iraqi forces and, cleanse the region from terrorists and their remnants."

"Once again, the terrorists attacked, with their chauvinist mentality, the innocent citizens and Kurdish villagers of Khanaqin district and burned the agricultural crops of the Kurdish farmers. These attacks only target the Kurdish villages of Khanaqin district to displace their people from their lands and areas of origin." the statement said.

Moreover, the PUK statement added, "After the terrorists assaulted the villages of Mekhasi Kakie and Tafraqa, the terrorists attacked Mubarak village, which led to the martyrdom and wounding of a number of citizens, in addition to burning farms and orchards of citizens in the region. We, in the name of our PUK Organizational Center of Khanaqin, strongly condemn the attack on the village of Mubarak, and the martyrdom of the Asa'ad Majid Dara and the injury of a number of other citizens, offering condolences to the families of the martyr, pledging to work to return the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to cooperate with the Iraqi security forces so as to protect citizens, and to cleanse the region from terrorists and their remnants."


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