PUK stresses on decentralization

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PUK Leadership Council held a meeting today, May 10, under the supervision of both co-leaders Lahur Sheikh Jangi and Bafel Talabani, at its head quarter in Slemani.

The meeting was to address the current political situation in Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and talked over the livelihood of people with the PUK's internal tasks.

Regarding the Kurdistan parliament, the meeting of the Leadership Council regards the parliamentary session of 8/5/2020 as a risky act against national unity and coordination between the parliament-forming parties and put the political process of Kurdistan under question, especially involvement of the minorities in the minority and majority play of democracy which devastate the strict rights of minorities in the context of participation in democracy and their representative in legislative body, which PUK has a strong belief over those rights and reiterates on them.

In the light of those developments, the Leadership Council decided to issue a joint attitude via cooperation and consultation with the political parties in order to prevent unilateral act and using a democratic and a national institution like parliament for narrow partisian interest.

In another aspect of the meeting, the reports of PUK team in the Kurditan Regional Government and negotiations of Kurdistan Regional delegation with Baghdad were positively evaluated. Both PUK factions in Iraqi parliament and Kurdistan Region and, the report of bureau of relation over the Kurdistani and Iraqi relations were also discussed in detail, and the leadership gave necessary instructions and proposals for their future tasks.

It is worth to mention that most of the meeting was to address the unwanted livelihood and situation of Kurdistani people, particularly the postponement of giving salary, the consequnces of Corona virus and the quarantine phase which have imposed difficulty on the employee's life and working class of Kurdistan.

The Leadership Council, in spite of appreciating the local provincial councils, the related institutions and people's commitment to health instructions that lead to controlling of Corona to a great extent, emphasized that the people of Kurdistan deserve a better living, worth of their commitment.

The Leadership Council, in another part of the meeting, addressed the administrative decentralization as its mentioned in PUK and KDP agreement and the Kurdistan government's plan and now become a national and a comprehensive wish in Kurdistan Region, shall be put into practice as soon as possible.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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