Kurdistan demands its share of the budget and submits a memo

  2020-04-26 19:04      272 View Count        Comment

The Minister of Finance and Economy of Kurdistan Regional Government , Awat Sheikh Janab announced on Sunday that he submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister , Adel Abdul Mahdi to launch the region's share of the budget.

Sheikh Janab said in a press conference after a meeting with the Presidency of the Parliament of the region that the decision to stop the salaries of Kurdistan Region was issued on 16/4/2020 and the delegation of Kurdistan visited Baghdad on 19 of current month and after several sensitive meetings we were able to reach a formula with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers by submitting a memorandum to the President of the Federal Government, Adel Abdul Mahdi to launch Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget.

He explained that this memo has already reached Abdul-Mahdi and we hope that we will receive a positive response during the next few days, adding that our dialogues were not limited to budget and salaries only, but also included other areas, including agreement on joint production of electricity and raising natural gas production.

Source: Shafaq News



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