Qubad Talaban and David Copley addresses new Iraqi cabinet formation

  2020-04-11 10:35      659 View Count        Comment
Qubad Talabani, deputy PM of Kurdistan Region.

Deputy Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region addressed the new Iraqi government formation with a senior US diplomat.

On Friday Apr 10, Deputy PM of Kurdistan Region, Qubad Talabani made a phone call with David Copley, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iraq Affairs in the U.S Department.

"Reiterated on swift formation of new Iraqi government and the necessary coperation between Iraqi and Kurdistan Regional governments to confront the issues and challenges they face," Talabani wrote in his Facebook account.

He added, "I hope the designated Mustafa Kazimi for new Iraqi government, will form its cabinet as soon as possible so that together we can resolve all the economic and health crises facing Iraq and Kurdistan Region."

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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