China sends special supplies of Corona to Kurdistan

  2020-03-09 08:50      335 View Count        Comment

The Minister of Health of Kurdistan Regional Government announced on Sunday that China has sent 200,000 medical masks to the region, as part of special assistance to contain Corona virus.

"The Republic of China has provided special aid and supplies to the region through Iraq, providing us with 200,000 medical masks," Saman Barzanji said in a news conference with the Chinese consul in Erbil.

He added, these masks will be distributed to hospitals and medical centers.

At the same time, he confirmed, more than 1,200 people were discharged from quarantine after confirming that they were not infected with Corona virus.

For his part, the Chinese consul said that his country is putting its expertise in front of Kurdistan Region to contain Corona virus.

He stressed that his country will secure the special needs of the region in this regard.

Source: Shafaq News


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