Slemani takes good precautions to prevent COVID-19 in the city

  2020-02-29 11:28      374 View Count        Comment

In a bid to address the city’s situation, a delegation from Kurdistan Regional Ministry of Health, headed by the minister, arrived in Slemani.

Saman Barzinji, Health Minister of Kurdistan Region, today Feb 29, visited Slemani province with his accompanying delegation in order to look at “all the preventive and treatment measures the city has taken”.

The Kurdistan Regional government and Ministry of Health have taken good precautions recently, as an attempt to prevent and face COVID-19 in the region. No patients have been recorded in Kurdistan Region yet, according to health officials. On the other hand, Iraqi Ministry of Health revealed 8 cases of COVID-19 in the middle and southern parts of the country; one has newly caught the virus in Baghdad.

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih






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