PUK political bureau's statement on the second anniversary death of Jalal Talabani

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PUK political bureau issued a statement on the second anniversary death of President Jalal Talabani.

Below is the context of the statement:

To the people of Kurdistan

Two years ago, the revolutionary leader, Mam Jalal, who fought for nearly half a century to liberate and assert the democratic rights of the people of Kurdistan, was departed from us.
The late President Mam Jalal, in addition to being a historical revolutionary leader, was an effective diplomatic that informed the whole world of the rights of the masses of Kurdistan.

The departure of President Mam Jalal caused sadness for all of the people in Kurdistan Region and Iraq. President Mam Jalal, who advocated for the rights of the Kurds, and under his presence, there was a great development in intellectual freedom and guarantee of the civil and democratic struggle of all segments of the people, and especially women. On the regional level, the deceased Mam Jalal was a frontrunner in the pursuit to demand the rights of the Kurds peacefully and through talks and democratic struggle. On the second anniversary of the passing away of the nation's deceased President Mam Jalal, we pledge to follow his course and path, until all the demands of our people are fulfilled. The rich struggle of Mam Jalal, is full of lessons, and will always be our perspective on the future struggles. Mam Jalal's political, militant, cultural and societal ideology and philosophy will remain firm and vivid in our conscience and thought.

Peace be upon the spirit of the leader, thinker and president Mam Jalal.


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