PUK prepares itself for holding the fourth congress

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Meeting of PUK political bureau on Sep 4,2019.

On Wednesday Sep 4, 2019 PUK political bureau held its regular meeting under the supervision of first deputy Secretary General Kosrat Rasul and second deputy Secretary General Barham Salih, in Slemani.

In the meeting, latest political developments and alterations in Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the region, assessment of organizational and partisian works, especially holding of the 4th PUK congress were discussed.

Regarding the fourth congress, necessary preparation to hold the congress within a limited period was reiterated, and within the meeting of PUK Leadership Council, which supposed to be held in the next Saturday, the suggestions and recommendation for holding a successful congress will be addressed so as to implement them.

In the meeting, the Kurdistan Regional government's tasks were assessed, and proper implementation of the political agreement between PUK and KDP, and government's plan were emphasized.

The meeting of PUK political bureau sees the formation of a common Kurdistani list necessary for this fragile period, through the participation of the Kurdistani political parties, for the election of Iraqi provisional councils, particularly in the disputed areas which is supposed to be held on April 1, 2020.

Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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