PUK: that unilateral policy and autocracy will not have good outcomes

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Earlier today on May 28, 2019, following the meeting of PUK Political Bureau, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan issued a statement to the people of Kurdistan Region regarding the unilateral attempt of Kurdistan Democratic Party in forming the Kurdistan Regional Government and violating the agreement signed between the two parties formerly.

The statement writes “As you know after a long and condensed negotiation so as to reach a comprehensive agreement over the pattern of working and drafting common views concerning Iraq, the region and Kurdistan Region, we signed two agreements with KDP. One of the agreements was to found the principles of co-working and resolving the abundant issues regarding the interior, Iraq and the region. The second consensus was about the pattern of division of the hierarchy of government and establishment of a kind of balance among the different powers.”

Concerning the Kirkuk province, “in the same agreement, we made Kirkuk the center of treating some of the issues of the disputed areas, we wanted to elect a governor inside Kirkuk Provincial Council from the share of PUK in accordance with KDP in order to, at least, prevent the assaults and Arabization of the disputed areas,” However, PUK goes to add “Yet, not just no attempts can be seen from KDP side in implementing the agreement, but KDP every time creates an obstacle for opting a governor from PUK share (as we have been agreed on)”

Furthermore, the PUK statement points out “we declare to the People of Kurdistan, that policy of unilateralism and autocracy will not have good outcomes,” and asserts that “KDP has not committed to the agreements, for thus PUK faction will not participate in the parliament session.”

In Conclusion, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s statement announce that “electing the Presidency of Kurdistan Region without having PUK vote, will lead the issue of decision-making and legitimacy in Kurdistan Region into a new circumstance, as it leads the question of Kurdistan Regional Government formation into new possibilities and consequences, and the result of that illogical policy whatever will it be, will not be over the shoulder of PUK, but KDP”


Translated and modified by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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