Kurdish factions notify Iraqi Presidencies in a statement over dangerous threats to Khanaqin city

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 Earlier today on May 18, 2019 the Kurdish factions of Iraqi parliament issued a statement, calling on the Iraqi Presidency, Iraqi PM and the Iraqi parliament speaker to deter the attempts of spoiling and devastating the lands and homes of Kurdish People of Khanaqin.

“The hands of terrorism and some unknown sources are spoiling the security and safety of Khanaqin and its surrounding villages. These undesirable organizations seek to injure and hurt the citizens and farmers of the region, and the result of these criminal practices killed more than forty residents, individuals and members of the security services, with the consequences of considerable harm to the region,” the statement wrote.
The statement also went to add “they also burned the crops of the farmers, demolished the land and planted them with mines and bombs,” asking the Iraqi President, PM and Iraqi constitution to act in order to stop the occurrence of such incidents which put threat to the stability and coexistence of the region, “we believe that the intervention of the Presidency, the PM and all the concerned parties shall take all the necessary measures to hamper this injustice and targeting placed on the city and its citizenships,”

The Kurdish factions’ statement also “emphasize that the Khanaqin province is under harsh situation that may lead to mass emigration and forcing the farmers to leave their lands. We, as Kurdish representatives to Iraqi constitution, uncover this unfairness so that all the parties will see the real face of this injustice and to find an urgent solution to it.”

Translated and modified by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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