PUK President: Being Kurds is our pride, and our survival depends on our unity

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Bafel Jalal Talabani, the president of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), met with Mazlum Kobane, the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and major general Matthew Mcfarlane, commander of Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) in Western Kurdistan.

Wahab Halabjay, Director General of the Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG), was also present during the meeting. They discussed the political situation in Western Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Region, as well as the developments in the Kurdish political movement, and stressed the need to resolve the issues peacefully.

President Bafel's visit to Western Kurdistan was welcomed with enthusiasm by Mazlum Kobane, who also said that the west would never forget the PUK's steadfast support over the years. In particular, he praised the CTG for its crucial contribution to the military and security operations against ISIS in the west, which made him proud.

"We spare no effort to resolve the problems facing the Kurds in the region, and we do our best to protect our freedom and our rights," Kobane said.

President Bafel Jalal Talabani responded by reiterating PUK's dedication to finding a peaceful solution to the problems and declaring that they would work to make collaboration the cornerstone of finding a solution and addressing this issue.

President Bafel Talabani also declared, "Our relations with the West will certainly continue and develop further." "The PUK considers itself the servant of all Kurds. Being Kurds is our pride, and our survival depends on our unity."

He further added: "The protection of Kurdish rights, culture, and language in the area is one of the West's most crucial missions, and we are delighted to assist you in this."

He continued, "The national initiative of the PUK aims to promote Kurdish unity, our solidarity in the face of critical situations, and the defense and implementation of our rights."

If we are to maintain harmonious connections, peace and unity should serve as the cornerstone of our relationships with our neighboring and allying nations.

President Bafel continued, "This is President Mam Jalal's legacy, and we will uphold it.

While discussing the steps for facing terrorism, President Bafel said, “Our forces have achieved great sovereignty in the past and dealt a deadly blow to the terrorists.”

“We are certain that with greater coordination and cooperation between us, we can achieve greater success, especially in the areas between Syria and Iraq where there is a security gap that has allowed the movement of terrorists,” he added.



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