PUK leadership council: PUK corrects Kurdistan Region's governance, eliminates monopoly

  2022-11-08 19:44      843 View Count        Comment

The Leadership Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan held its regular meeting.

The meeting was held today, 8/11/2022, led by Bafel Jalal Talabani, President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), at the PUK politburo to discuss the PUK's unchanging stance on the Iraqi political process after the formation of the three presidencies.

President Bafel thanked the PUK leadership for their unity which has led to the success of the PUK team's program in Baghdad and the stabilization of Kurdish demands, particularly as the PUK's position on the agenda of Mohammed Shia al-Sudan's state-run government is visible.

He stressed that the PUK's policy is a correct policy that Baghdad is the first barricade for protecting a democratic, federal and consensual Iraq, which is the basis of Iraq's political process. He also said: this is the will of PUK and we will surely succeed.

The meeting of the Leadership Council also shed light on the political situation in Kurdistan, in which PUK backs correcting the path of Kurdistan's governance, in a way that would eliminate monopoly of governance, and that the KRG would be for all the people of Kurdistan and all cities and regions, and not to discriminate. That is why PUK has decided to stop this governing direction that harms even the people, not just the relationship between the PUK and KDP.

The leadership council spoke about the puk delegation's meetings with the political parties, which were needed for clarity and consultation with PUK's political partners to be aware of the puk's right and national attitudes.


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