President Bafel Jalal Talabani's message following the election of the President of Iraq

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President Bafel Jalal Talabani conveyed a message following the election of the President of Iraq, Latif Rashid.

Bafel Jala Talabani wrote, "Finally, in the Iraqi political process, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,  your party, succeeded, and despite all the plans and intentions, It's will could not be destroyed."

He added, "Gaining the trust of the Iraqi house of representatives and the election of Mr. Latif Rashid, a PUK politician and fighter as federal Iraqi president, were the success of the will of the people, the democratic process and the PUK. Despite my warm congratulations to them, I am sure that based on the past, the role of political and national issues and participation in governance and organizational work will succeed in carrying out national and constitutional duties in this new and fateful task."

Moreover, PUK president added, "From here, we will explain to everyone that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan will always be the protector of the rights of all nations and regions of the country. We will be at the forefront of advocacy and defense to provide services and protect the constitutional rights of our people. We will continue our efforts to strengthen harmony and unity between the parties in order to strengthen the region's position and serve our beloved people.

Finally, the Kurdish people and Iraq succeeded in this important and fateful process. In all our different voices and opinions, we had one duty: to protect the unity of the Kurdish home and our unity in the center."


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