PUK leadership council held meeting to discuss organizational affairs

  2022-09-19 11:56      175 View Count        Comment

The leadership council of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by Bafel Jalal Talabani held its regular meeting.

The leadership meeting held on September 18, 2022, at the council's meeting hall, was dedicated to the organizational affairs of the party's offices and organs.

Another part of the meeting was to defend the proud history of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the new revolution of our nation.

The meeting decided to protect the course of that history from any distortion or misleading, through confirmed evidence and documents, and to defend its history and sovereignty, especially to answer all the injustices that have been done for a while through some misleading books against the historical struggle of PUK and its leaders that have mislead the history of our nation and its symbols.


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