PUK President, Secretary-General of Babylon movement meet

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President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Bafel Talabani received the Secretary-General of the Babylon movement on Wednesday in Sulaimani, said Talabani’s office.

Secretary-General of the Babylon movement Rayan al-Kldani who is in Sulaiamani for a visit received by President Talabani in Dabashan, Talabani’s office in a statement said.

The pair discussed the latest political developments and efforts to pass obstacles in front of the political process, stressing dialogue and mutual understanding between the political forces.

They have agreed on finding a solution very soon for the issues and making endeavors for the sake of stability and the country’s future.

During the meeting Talabani emphasized deepening the spirit of harmony between the political forces, saying that all parties must show leniency and provide a convenient environment to succeed the high objectives which is the desire of most Iraqi politicians.

In return Secretary-General of the Babylon movement, Rayan al-Kldani extended his appreciation for the efforts that President Talabani has made to bring the political parties together and step in direction of resolving the issues.

“PUK is adopting a wise policy, the party is not a part of the problems but rather has been always the gatherer of different voices and colors, their efforts have been for positive changes in the Iraqi political process,” al-Kldani told Talabani.


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