Coordination Framework nominates al-Sudani for Iraq's Prime Minister position

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The official news agency of Iraq (INA) reported that the Coordination Framework, the largest Shia bloc, has held a meeting and unanimously agreed to nominate Mohammed Shia' Sabbar al-Sudani as their candidate for the next Iraqi prime minister.

Meanwhile, Head of the National Sindh bloc Ahmed Al-Asadi, announced in a tweet that the prime minister issue has been resolved. A source in al-Assadi's office said that he meant the finalization of Al Sudani's candidacy for prime minister.

At the same time, al-Sumaria news website reported, quoting "Fazel al-Fatlawi", a representative of Al-Fath coalition, that the Coordination Framework has agreed with Al Sudani candidacy for prime minister.

Al-Fatlawi said that this issue was finalized and it happened after Iraq’s National Security Advisor Qassim al-Aaraji withdrew his bid for the prime ministerial post.

He emphasized that Al-Sudani is close to the Coordination Framework and independent MPs and "we hope that the Kurds will soon agree and introduce their candidate for the presidency."

Mohammed Shia' Sabbar al-Sudani is an Iraqi politician who was the Human Rights Minister of Iraq in the Council of Ministers of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki from 2010 until October 2014. He was the Governor of Maysan Province between 2009 and 2010, according to local Iraqi media.


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