Joe Biden: Iraq’s stability and sovereignty are crucial for us

  2022-07-16 13:58      192 View Count        Comment

Iraq’s Prime Minister met U.S. president Joe Biden on Saturday in Jeddah during the GCC summit, Iraq’s state news agency reported.

Amid the Gulf Cooperation Council Summit which was hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi met U.S. President Joe Biden, and both sides emphasized the commitment to the bilateral partnership, according to INA.

“The relations between Iraq and America are crucial for us,” Biden told Kadhimi as reported by INA.

“Biden stressed America’s attention to having a stable, prosperous, and sovereign Iraq,” it said

Prime Minster Kahdimi arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to attend the Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Jeddah on Saturday.


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