PUK, Azm Alliance support initiatives of Coordination Framework

  2022-05-08 11:55      198 View Count        Comment

In a statement issued on Saturday by the PUK and Azm Alliance, the two sides reiterate their support for the Coordination Framework's initiative.

"We back and support what is mentioned in the terms of the Coordination Framework's initiative, which aims to break the stalemate and cross the current political impasse, which has taken a long time and has had a direct impact on the citizen and the country." the joint statement of the Azm Alliance and PUK read.

It added, "We reiterate the significance of focusing on the rights of the rest of the components concerning the position of the candidate of the most accepted and rejected bloc, based on compelling objective reasons, in addition to the importance of stabilizing the rights of the governorates affected by the war against terrorism and addressing the problem of weapons outside the scope of the law and the centrality of the decision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the return of the displaced, and the handling of all outstanding constitutional problems between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Region under the Constitution."

The joint statement also emphasized on the importance of proceeding with the completion of the constitutional entitlements and their comprehensive national entitlements, starting with the election of the President of the Republic, which is considered a share of the PUK, the formation of the government, and the acceptance of the budget.


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