PUK Forum begins in Slemani

  2022-04-27 15:08      192 View Count        Comment

On Thursday, Apr 28, PUK Forum will begin at 10 am, in Hunar hall of Slemani Governorate with the participation of the PUK organs, offices and centers within the borders of Slemani and Chamchamal.

The PUK Forum is a friendly and national call to discuss the current PUK's status and identity, to renew its political, social message and self-development so as to carry on its tasks with new vision and better serve the people of Kurdistan. The Forum works to provide a prosperous Kurdistan for all without discrimination.

Within this framework, the PUK Forum wants to address several topics which are important for current and the party's future, and to talk over the necessities, issues and developments of the community. We need to renew all sectors with PUK initiatives and new perspectives.


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