PUK politburo pledges support for journalism

  2022-04-21 20:14      417 View Count        Comment

On the 124th anniversary of the Kurdish journalism, PUK politburo in a statement congratulates the Kurdistan Region's journalists.

"On the 24th anniversary of the Kurdish journalism, which is consistent with the first Kurdish newspaper (Kurdistan) which was issued in Cairo by the Badirkhanis, we send our warmest congratulations to the Kurdistan Region's journalist sisters and brothers." PUK politburo's statement read.

It added, "PUK, from the begining, alongside the political and military struggle has believed to provide a suitable atmosphere for developing Kurdish journalism. Therefore following the uprising, more doors were opened for issuing private and free newspapers, and the borders of the PUK became the capital of that freedom in which many newspapers, magazines, independent and free channels work without any censorship."

The PUK politburo's statement said, "And this belongs to the infrastructure that Jalal Talabani was always reiterated about regarding the freedom of journalists, for which he regarded himself their advocate, and this played a major role in further developing this mainstream."

The statement pledged its support for the true and accurate kurdish journalism, and for those loyal in drafting the facts.



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