PUK politburo: We continue our efforts to prevent another Anfal crime against our nation

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On the 34th anniversary of Anfal genocide, PUK politburo issues a statement, asking to recognize the catastrophe as a woldly genocide aginst the Kurdish nation.

Below is the context of the statement:


Dear the Families of Anfal victims
The People of Kurdistan

Today, as we commemorate the 34th anniversary of the most frightening crime of the 20th century, the Anfal crime, we bow our head infront of the holy spirits of those human beings who were barbarically shot in the mass graves, or succumbed to hunger and thirst in the prisons and deserts.

We remember everyone on this anniversary, due to the huge spiritual and materialistic damages happend over the people and different regions of the Kurdistan Region, and in spite of the efforts to find the missed persons and mass graves, discovering the identities of the martyrs and returning their skeletons to the Kurdistan Region, yet recognizing Anfal crime as a genocide against the Kurdish people in the world, further compensating those rescued from that crime and their families, and reconstructing those villages and regions that were damaged by the Anfal attacks are not at the expectation level of us.

Therefore, we reiterate as the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan that we continue in the efforts mentioned above, and to prevent such another crime against our nation PUK will put all of its efforts in the political and diplomatic centers to protect better those constitutional rights that were implemented and act to achieve those that have not been obtained yet. And these need negotiations and continuous dialogue rather mottos that could bring about anger and tensions which can lead to reccurence of another catastrophe and lay more loads on the nation.

We emphasize again in this miserable and catastrophic day, all our efforts are focued on treating the wounds and consequences of Anfal.

Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan


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