Thirty fourth anniversary of Halabja chemical attack

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Today marks the thirty fourth anniversary of Halabja chemical attack, which occurred on 16/3/1988 and resulted in five thousands deaths, and left many with health related issues as a result of the chemical bomb’s effect.
As a commemoration of that tragedy, Kurdish people and Kurdistan Regional government every year at this time commemorate the Halabja chemical attack.

The Halabja chemical attack also known as the Halabja Massacre or Bloody Friday, was a massacre against the Kurdish people during the closing days of the Iran–Iraq War in the Kurdish city of Halabja in Iraq. The attack was part of the Al-Anfal Campaign in northern Iraq, as well as part of the Iraqi attempt to repel the Iranian Operation Zafar 7. It took place 48 hours after the fall of the town to the Iranian Army. A United Nations (UN) medical investigation concluded that mustard gas was used in the attack, along with unidentified nerve agents. 



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