ISO recognizes Kurdistan Region following Talabani's efforts

  2022-03-04 20:50      575 View Count        Comment

On Friday, Mar 4, the ISO decided to introduce the Kurdistan Region, with the approval of 3/4 of its members to grant the "IQ-KR" symbol, which provides joining the ISO, and according to the instructions of the "Unicode" organization, the Kurdistan Region will have the emoji of the Kurdistan flag.

The recognition, made by the efforts of the Kurdistan Region's deputy PM, Qubad Talabani, allows the institutions of the region to deal with international institutions.

"This recognition aids us in international electronic transactions and proceed with the steps to form an electronic government, and it helps in the process of electronic commerce, international mail, and the development of the banking sector in the Kurdistan Region officially." Qubad Talabani said in his Facebook account.


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