Amin Baba Sheikh: We call on everyone not to violate constitution for political interests

  2022-02-17 12:24      243 View Count        Comment

The spokesperson of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) issued a statement regarding the Iraqi Federal Court’s decision about the exporting dossier of Oil and Gas of the Kurdistan Region.

PUK spokesperson, Amin Baba Sheikh, said “Despite preserving the constitutional basis of the federal; Iraq, the Kurdistan Region’s constitutional rights must have been taken into account.”

He added, “The issues between Kurdistan Region and Iraq shall be tried to be resolved in this phase, rather to be more complicated. There should have been dialogue on this and other dossiers on the ground of constitutional basis between Kurdistan Region and Iraq following the formation of new Iraqi cabinet.”

Baba Sheikh called on the parties not to violate the constitution for political interests, highlighting “We call on all the parties to treat the issues via dialogue and political negotiations.”



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