PUK politburo issues a statement, congratulating U.S and SDF forces following the operation of killing ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim Al Quraishi

  2022-02-04 12:01      366 View Count        Comment

PUK politburo issued a statement congratulating the U.S. government, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and the entire international coalition forces, following the triumph of the operation targeted at killing the head of the Islamic State organization Abu Ibrahim Al Quraishi.

"With U.S. President Joe Biden announcing the success of the operation to eliminate the head of ISIS terrorist organization, Abu Ibrahim Al Quraishi, with the support of the SDF, we extend warmest congratulations to the U.S. government, the SDF, the entire international coalition forces, and the whole of our Kurdistani people, and the peoples of the region and the world on the occasion of this great victory over the forces of darkness and terrorism." PUK politburo's statement said.

It added, "We hold your hands and together we will continue our war against terrorism, which is a national and global war at the same time. Wherever these terrorists are located, facing them with international support yields impressive results, as occured in the elimination of this head of ISIS terrorists which took place in cooperation between SDF and American forces."


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