Saadi Ahmed Pire: PUK has doubled its parliamentary seats in Mosul

  2021-10-13 09:52      388 View Count        Comment
Saadi Ahmed Pire

Supervisor of the Kurdistan Coalition’s electoral campaign in Mosul, Saadi Ahmed Pire, states that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)’s seats in Mosul have doubled in comparison with former election.

He added, “Following the completion of counting the votes, PUK seats might increase to three,”

Pire also pointed out that, “We have previously informed keeping the refugees of Shingal and Mosul in the camps of Duhok is solely for election purpose. The results have also revealed why these camps have been kept in Duhok, otherwise there are no war neither threat in Mosul and Shingal to hamper the return of refugees.”



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