Qubad Talabani to his father: We are honored by the glory you left for us

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Qubad Talabani commemorated the 4th anniversary of the departure of his father, the late President Mam Jalal, in a message released yesterday night on his Facebook account.

Below is the context of Qubad Talabani's message:

Dear Father

Four years have passed since your last farewell, but the grief of loosing you and the void it left still looks like the day we heard of your departure.

You haven't been with us physically during this period, so we learned more than ever of your importance and the effects of your political life. What might have you been? We are running around for 4 years and what ever we do, we can't completely fill the voids you left behind!

Our hearts are still heavy and we are in grief of loosing you, but we are happy that we are putting efforts to get your convoy to its last home. The PUK you gave your whole life was on the brink of falling, but we gave all we had to re-straighten it and now we are trying with our comrades to return it back to your rightful road step by step.

Before you go with you life colleague Mr. Nawshirwan, you both had the dream of unity and returning your previous brotherhood where you drew us the lines of it in Dabashan. As you see we are realizing your dream step by step and we are determined to end any splitting and to make the PUK and Gorran a front and a political coalition to form a unity that brings good and joy for the people of Kurdistan.

Dear father, for the sake of our people's living, we knocked on every door in Baghdad, wherever we went we were honored that we were Mam Jalal's ascendants. Thank you very much for all the relations, friends, glory, and respect you left for us. We are honored by it, because we knew and felt that most of the respect was for you even though you left us four years ago. I say it from my heart, I am honored to be your son!

Another deep concern of yours was defending those different, preserving the glory of writers and intellectuals, without wanting to direct them towards a certain direction. You thought that freedom is natural right even if it was for criticizing you. We are on your believe too, our promise is that with all our powers, we will not allow imprisonment of thinkers, journalist, and oppression of those criticizing.

Dear father.. We can't fill your void as needed, but we will not come short. Your quotes and actions are the light of our road, so I hope that you are happy at peace in your eternal home. Years come and go and you are still Mam Jalal, the leader of the Kurds and the glory of our nation.



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