PUK Central Council reiterates on supporting its party's policy

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Meeting of PUK Central Council on Feb 2, 2019.

On Saturday, 2/3/2019, the Central Council of PUK held a meeting to discuss the latest political changes, and issued its statement after the meeting.

The statement wrote “the meeting of the Central Council was held a time that Kurdistan Region, Iraq, disputed areas and the region are going through a fragile period, and a new round of negotiation between PUK and KDP will be held,”

The statement went further to support its party’s policy “we as the Central Council... express our support for the program and policy of PUK, which is a national project and a roadmap for a political consensus to find a radical solution for all the internal issues of the Region, normalizing Kirkuk situation and disputed areas, and to put a governor for Kirkuk within the quota of PUK as an electoral prerogative,”

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s central Council freed its Leadership Council in choosing an alternative option in case KDP stepped further unilaterally. “we suggest if both main sides didn’t come to a political agreement and if the opposite side [KDP] put its program into practice via the interim Presidency of Parliament unilaterally without political consensus and contribution of PUK then we as the Central Council frees Leadership Council to think for choosing an alternative option,”

Moreover, the Central Council hopes that both sides will reach a political agreement within the frame of a balanced dialogue.


Translated by: Dr. Yadasht Salih



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