Qubad Talabani: Vote for Kurdistan Coalition so that we can fight for unity, budget and service

  2021-09-15 10:55      229 View Count        Comment

On Tuesday evening, Sep 14, the Kurdistan Coalition organized a mass carnival in the Raparin province.

During the carnival, Qubad Talabani called on the people of Raparin to vote for the Kurdistan Coalition candidates to restore the balance of power in the Kurdistan Region.

“The reason why I insist on the balance of power is because voting for the small parties in this region is like voting indirectly to the competitor of the Kurdistan Coalition, which is the Kurdistan Democratic Party,” he stated.

“We are united and fighting for the Kurdish unity in Baghdad, so I ask you to vote for the Kurdistan Coalition so that we can fight for our unity, fight for budgets and salaries, and provide more services.” He asserted.

Qubad Talabani also told Gorran members, “We were weak separately, but we are stronger together. Together we will make changes and radical reforms in the Region.”

He also added, “In the past, we were able to resolve issues via dialogue, from the dialogues held for constitutional matters to the approval of 2021 budget, we proved that we can negotiate several hours, which the other parties were not in their interest or were too small to do so.”




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