Kurdistan Region's Deputy PM assures entrepreneurs to ease their tasks, pledging support for free trades

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On Wednesday, July 14, the Kurdistan Region’s Deputy PM, Qubad Talabani, held a meeting with the businessmen of Slemani governorate, stated “Markets will be more free from now on and will provide appropriate competition for trading.”  

During the meeting, Qubad Talabani addressed the importance of private sector, pointing out “The government will help to make private sector stronger and to cooperate with public sector in providing job opportunity and reviving economic infrastructure.”

“No party or side is allowed to intervene in trading and monopolize markets.” He added.

The Deputy Prime Minister also asserted that, “The duty of the security institutions is to obtain stability and protect people’s life, and must stay out of politics or any other intervention.”

In another part of his speech, Talabani said that the government’s institutions must ease the steps for the entrepreneurs’ tasks.
Moreover, The Deputy PM talked about the reduction of routines and government’s plans to eradicate routines in proceeding the works of the traders and people. “The powers will be distributed over the governors and directors so as to minimize routines and serve the citizens better.” He said.

For their parts, the entrepreneurs addressed the obstacles in front of their works, and the Deputy PM assured them by pledging support for the free market.

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