British Consul General to Kurdistan Region: Kurds must remain united

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Following the end of his duty in Kurdistan Region, the British Consul General to Erbil, James Thornton, conveyed a message to the Kurdistan Region, on Friday, July 3.
Thornton, in his video message, wished the Kurdistan Region would take strong steps, because there are great opportunities in front of it. He then mentioned four wishes for the Kurdistan Region:

1) The Kurds must always remain united, to accomplish the tasks well.

2) There will be real economic changes, and the region will be Kurdistan for Iraq as Dubai is for the United Arab Emirates, but this issue needs real and radical reforms.
3) The Kurdistan Region should work to maintain human rights standards, including freedom of expression.
4) The Kurdistan Region has a view of Baghdad and carries out its work through it, and that a strong Iraqi presence serves the interest of the Kurdistan Region.
Thornton asserted Britain supports the Kurdistan Region in many fields, noting that his country's foreign minister visited the Kurdistan Region during the past month, and that they are part of the reform process in the Ministry of Peshmerga, stressing that Britain will remain a friend to the Kurdistan Region, and that his support will remain so even if he leaves the region.

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