Kurdistan Region's Deputy PM visits Duhok governorate, discussing service issues with city's officials

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The Deputy PM of Kurdistan Region, Qubad Talabani, visited Duhok governorate and met up with the governor and officials of the city, stating the administrative powers will be distributed downward to the governors soon.

In a visit to Duhok governorate on Sunday, Qubad Talabani addressed the services and issues of the city.

The Deputy PM also discussed the Kurdistan Regional Government’s attempts to distribute administrative powers to the governors as part of implementing decentralization system.

For his part, Ali Tatar, governor of Duhok, stated that by taking such a step the governors and general directorates of the Kurdistan Region’s cities can deliver services better.

Talabani then appreciated the citizens of Duhok for the burden they have been holding on their shoulders since 2014 due to the waves of refugees fleeing and war against ISIS.

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