Bafel Talabani: PUK believes in practising dialogue to resolve issues

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PUK Co-Leader Bafel Talabani received Bell Richard, Deputy Commanding General of the International Coaltion in Iraq and Syria, and his accompanying delegation, Wednesday, Jun 16.

The meeting touched upon the unification of the Peshmarga forces, developing military capacities, strategy of confronting ISIS, PUK's role in resolving the issues between Iraq and Kurdistan Region, and the consequences of PUK delegation's meetings with the presidencies of Iraq, political parties and ambassadors.

PUK Co-Leader considered the unification of the Peshmarga forces as an important step and pledged PUK's support for succeeding the process of unifying the military units. "In this important and national process, PUK is passionate about building a strong and well trained military which can reflect contemporary demands, and the forces shall be united on the grounds of national, partnership and balanced power." Bafel Talabani said.

Regarding the security vaccum in some parts of Iraq and Syria, and the movements of ISIS remnants, Bafel Talabani said "If the plans were not changed and supports were not expanded, some parts that have security issues would face terrorists' threats."

The relation between Baghdad and Kurdistan Region were another aspect of the meeting. PUK Co-Leader clarified the results of the meetings with the diplomats and political parties, asserting "PUK is passionate about having a friendly tie with all the forces and parties. We believe in practising dialogue and resolving issues in a way that can serve the masses of people and preserve the high interests."

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