On the 46th anniversary of PUK establishment, Iraqi President congratulates PUK cadres

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The President of the Republic of Iraq, Dr. Barham Salih conveyed a congratulatory letter to comrades of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the party's establishment.


Below is the context of the letter:

The 46th anniversary of the founding of the PUK is the commemoration and remembering of a great struggle to liberate the people and end dictatorship, achieving self-rule for the People of Kurdistan, and gaining the rights of the people of Kurdistan.

It is the memory of the past sovereignty, the project of re-rising, and rejection of subjugation which began under the leadership of Mam Jalal, Kak Nawshirwan, and their comrades in a dark and unjust era that our nation was going through. With a selfless great will, and the help and support of the people, and with the blood of thousands of martyrs, Peshmerga, and fighter of prisons, mountains, and cities, the PUK proved that the rights, freedom, and life of the people will not be violated.

Today, while we commemorate the PUK, the people of Kurdistan, by recalling the past sovereignties, as well as the promises of the era of mountain and city struggle, expect the PUK to be the power of invention, the right governing, and the power of standing against oppression.

Unfortunately, on this anniversary, the entire region, including Kurdistan and Iraq, is in a state of crisis and fierce conflict and is rapidly facing a change from the root, so we must responsibly understand the dangers of the situation in the region and be ready to protect the gains in cooperation with other forces and parties and be ready for any unwanted possibility.

The PUK must be a pioneer for reform and standing against corruption and the corrupt based on the sovereignty and the heroics of the past struggle, the blood of the martyrs that the PUK gave, the efforts of the Peshmerga and its fighters. The PUK must be a co-operator and have serious projects to serve the people and to treat the country's wealth fairly because the PUK was born as a new and democratic force for the sake of freedom and justice, so today more than ever, it is necessary to continue that rightful march away from conflicts to solve the problems of governance in a way that preserves the interests of the people.

Once again, on the anniversary of founding the PUK, I congratulate the families of the martyrs and Peshmerga, the ancient and young strugglers, the women and the strugglers abroad, and all the supporters of the People of Kurdistan.

Barham Ahmed Salih

The President of the Republic of Iraq

June 6 coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), this party that has accomplished many great achievements that cannot be summarized in a few pages because they are achievements written in letters of sacrifice and struggle which were written by the heroes and martyrs of this party whose pure blood irrigated the land, mountains, and valleys of Kurdistan.

On June 6, 1975, with an international plan, one of the biggest Kurdish revolutions has failed. A cloud of disappointment and despair has formed over the Kurdistan skies, but in the midst of those dark days, the shine of fire and the new revolution's flames have been ignited in many areas of Kurdistan and the PUK has been established.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan played an active role in consolidating the foundations of democracy and peaceful coexistence among nationalities in Iraq and put forward new concepts and a new culture based on democratic foundations that Iraq did not know yet, thanks to the wise leadership of the nation's late President Mam Jalal.

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