Bafel Talabani: Constitution is the backbone of the country

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The Co-Leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Bafel Talabani, stated during delivering of a speech at the Conference of Unity and Constitution that the political process in Kurdistan Region must be changed. 
Bafel Talabani said, "The unity of the ranks is the guarantor of the constitution and we must change the political process in the Kurdistan region, the constitution is significant and needs serious work and study,"  
He added, "We are confronting with big challenges. The constitution is the backbone of the country.”

Regarding the purpose and duty of a good constitution, he stated "The constitution must preserve the rights of our people and eradicate the powers of the parties and the military and security authorities.” 

“The constitution must be compatible with the current situation and the one existing in Baghdad. To me, we must restart from Kirkuk file and the disputed areas.” Talabani asserted.
Furthermore, PUK Co-Leader reiterated "If we do not unite, we will face great losses. Not just we cannot have a good constitution, but might persecute the people. Have a look at the other countries which have far less population than us, don’t have oil and gas, yet they were able to develop and achieve their goals.”

He cited the Kurdish home’s internal issues, highlighting “We as Kurds have not been able to resolve small issues inside us and work for a bigger target yet, which must be Kurdistan and its people.”

On Wednesday morning, with the participation of Kurdistan Region’s political leaders and figures, the Conference of Unity and Constitution began in Kurdistan Region's capital, Erbil, with the aim of drafting a better constitution for the Kurdistan Region.

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