KRG Invests in Major Wheat Industry Project

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As part of its efforts to transform the Kurdistan Region into a competitive producer, the Kurdistan Regional Government has invested in strategic projects to strengthen and expand the region's agricultural sector and food industry.
One of these landmark projects is the Wheat Marketing Project, which Prime Minister Masrour Barzani launched on Nov. 1, 2020 as the first step toward a self-sufficient and sustainable economy.

This major industrial project will begin to meet half of the Kurdistan Region's domestic demand for flour and other food products, including all of the Erbil Governorate's flour demand. The sophisticated network of factories, silos, and packaging plants will create an estimated 3,500 new sustainable jobs, including opportunities in automation and technological advanced laboratories.
Six months after being launched, the project is now 70 percent completed. It has also already provided jobs for more than 450 people, who are mostly local.
The Kurdistan Regional Government will continue to support the Kurdistan Region's farmers and ensure they are provided every opportunity to thrive in a competitive market.

The project covers 1200 dunam and it includes the construction of:
40 silos each can take 5000-ton grain, 16 silos have already been built and can receive grain;
2 flour factories, with the capacity to process 1000 tons of grain per day each;
A post-harvest factory for cleaning, sorting, and packaging wheat for farmers;
A bulgur and couscous factory;
A macaroni factory;
A fodder factory;
A biscuit and instant cereal factory;
2 testing and quality control laboratories.

Source: Iraq-Business News



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