KRG's negotiating delegation visits Kurdistan parliament, explaining Erbil-Baghdad accord to MPs

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The Kurdistan Region’s negotiating delegation headed by deputy PM Qubad Talabani is expected to visit Kurdistan parliament in order to meet up with the parliament’s presidency and head of the factions, on Monday, April 12.

Zyad Jabar, Head of PUK’s bloc in Kurdistan parliament, told PUKNOW, “At our request as financial committee, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)’s negotiating delegation will visit Kurdistan parliament to explain the agreement between KRG and Baghdad so as to know what points they agreed on, and the tasks and rights of KRG.”

According to Jabar’s statement, the delegation’s explanation shall be a light to draft the Kurdistan Region’s budget bill.

During the past few months, KRG’s negotiating delegation under the auspices of Qubad Talabani has paid several visits to Baghdad and held a number of meetings with Iraqi leaders, officials and parliamentary blocs so as to make an accord between Erbil and federal government.

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