Head of PUK Relations Bureau received Hellenic Republic Consul General to Kurdistan Region

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On Monday, Head of PUK Relations Bureau, Soran Jamal Taher, received Ekaterino Kalidopoulo, Hellenic Republic Consul General to Kurdistan Region, in Erbil.

In the meeting, which was attended by Sarkawt Muhammed Ghafour, Head of PUK Foreign Relations Board, both sides discussed the situation of Iraq and KRI, focusing on the political and security-related conditions as well as other developments of the region.

They reiterated that the solution for all of the problems, especially the issues between KRG and Baghdad, is to be found through dialogue and debate, and that several visits of PUK Co-presidents and KRG’s negotiating team to Baghdad to convene and debate produced a positive outcome.

Later in the meeting, both sides focused on strengthening bilateral relations between Kurds and Greeks in a way that serves both nations in the fields of economy, science, and culture.

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