Lahur Talabany: Decentralization maintains equality and balance between provinces

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PUK Co-leader Lahur Talabany held a meeting with the Syndicates of PUK's Organizational Bureau, in Slemani, on Monday, March 15.

In the meeting, PUK Co-leader presented PUK’s views and political decision about all the issues related to political and economic issues in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, and the preparations for the upcoming election.

"I indicated to the current political map in Iraq and the Kurd’s position in it, which needs a logical and wise policy to strengthen Kurd’s status in Iraq, reiterating that the current political behavior in the Kurdistan Region will harm our people in the first place." Lahur Talabany wrote in his Facebook account.

He then indicated to the importance of the agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region on the budget and stressed that the agreement shouldn’t be on the budget only, but there are other pressing issues, especially the Kirkuk issue and the disputed territories within the framework of constitution, asserting on resolving them through political and parliamentarian struggle. 

Lahur Talabany added: "I displayed PUK’s efforts and strides in Baghdad with the Iraqi political factions for the sake of our people’s best interests to spare them from hunger and secure their salaries.
We put forward the oil dossier which is not transparent and needs essential reform, and I explained PUK’s stance in this regard, which is in our view is strongly linked to Baghdad."

Regarding the issue of decentralization, Talabany stressed that this issue is strongly connected to the Kurdistan Region, not only Slemany province, and reiterated that decentralization strengthens Kurdistan Region’s entity and maintains equality and balance between all the provinces, through which a better and more services would be provided for the Kurdistan Region’s citizens, and that’s the reason why PUK is determent on this demand, which is strongly connected to its staying in this cabinet.

"I indicated to PUK’s internal affairs and stressed on the policy that PUK is following, after the fourth congress regarding partisan and organizational life, which is in the core of paying more attention to public masses, because our people are the fount of PUK’s decisions." Lahur Talabany said.

He listened carefully to views and question from groups and Syndicates of PUK’s organizational bureau members, answered them clearly, and thanked them for all the enthusiasm they have for the sake of their party’s success, and called upon them to prepare themselves for the next election with comrade’s soul , especially in Kirkuk and the disputed territories.

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