PUK faction in the Slemani Provincial Council issued a statement, rebuking interference in judiciary affairs

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PUK faction in the Slemani Provincial Council issued a statement about any attempt of interference from Kurdistan Region's Prime Minister to release the detaineed attackers on Iraqi lawmaker Ghalib Muhammed.

"As it is clear, a Kurdish lawmaker in the Iraqi parliament has been attacked with knives in the past few days in Slemani. In spite of our appreciation to the role of the security forces in Slemani for their ability to find the assailants and bring them to justice within a short time, at the same time, we express our full support for the statement of Lahur Sheikh Jangi, the co-president of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, regarding this case." PUK faction said.

The statement added: "We stand against any meddling in the work and affairs of the judiciary and we reiterate the rule of law. The Kurdistan Regional government shall respect the rules and courts before the rest of the parties so as to hamper the commission of crimes."

"At the same time, we rebuke the unprofessional and far from responsibility statement of the spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, which expresses the opinion of one party in the Council of Ministers." It pointed out.

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