Kurdistan Region's Deputy PM: Security and stability in Kurdistan Region is a red line

  2021-02-16 16:51      202 View Count        Comment

Kurdistan Region's Deputy PM Qubad Talabani, issued a statement regarding the missile attacks on Erbil.

"Unfortunately, Erbil, the capital, was subjected to an assault last night that resulted in several casualties." Qubad Talabani wrote in his Facebook account.

He added, "Security and stability in the Kurdistan Region is a red line, and we will not let any person or party to endanger this security and stability,"

Moreover, the Deputy PM asserted that this attack is a bell to alert all parties, that we must be united in the face of dangers, and this incident and its precedents showed that the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government must coordinate more to remove the security vacuums that exist in the disputed areas and fill those gaps. Adding "The international community and the countries of the international coalition must take these risks very seriously and help eliminate terrorism and hold the outlaw groups accountable."


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