PUK Leadership Council issued a statement, stressing on decentralization system

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On Sunday, the members of the PUK Leadership Council met up under the auspices of both PUK Co-leaders Bafel Talabani and Lahur Talabany to address the overall political and economic situation of Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Following the meeting, the Leadership Council issued a communique. 

The communique read:
We held a meeting today, February 14, 2021, under the supervision of the two co-leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which began by standing a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs.

The two co-leaders of the PUK, during the meeting, carefully assessed the political, economic, and general situations in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

During the meeting, the Council affirmed the Patriotic Union's consistent position regarding:

1- The administrative and financial decentralization system within the Kurdistan Region.
2- Supporting the Kurdistan Regional Government's negotiating delegation with the Iraqi federal government, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc in Parliament was recommended to support the efforts of the delegation.
3- Improving the living conditions of the people of the Kurdistan Region and in this regard, the participants stressed the need to agree within the framework of the Iraqi constitution to ensure the realization of financial rights and dues for the Kurdistan Region in the draft fiscal budget law for 2021.
4- Emphasizing the necessity to implement the constitutional and national duties of the federal and Kurdistan Regional governments to protect the country's sovereignty and prevent border violations, which are against international laws and good neighboring principles.
5- Condemning all arrests and imprisonment due to freedom of opinion and political and civil activity, especially in Badinan regions. Therefore, we demand the release of all detainees, including journalists, civil activists, and cadres of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and other parties.

Another aspect of the meeting was devoted to party work and commission reports, and in this regard, the necessary recommendations were taken.

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