People’s livelihood for PUK is a red line, Bafel Talabani says

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PUK co-leader Bafel Talabani met up with the security officials of Slemani, on Sunday, Feb 7.

The meeting was attended by, Qubad Talabani, Deputy PM of Kurdistan Region, Chato Salih, Deputy Interior Minister, Khasraw Gul, Head of Kurdistan Region’s Security Council, Aso Sheikh Taha, Chief of SLemani Police, Hiwa Ahmed, Chief of Security forces, Omer Salih, Commander of Brigade 1 of Slemani, and Sarkawt Hasan, security advisor to PUK Presidency.

Despite appreciating the security and interior forces for protecting the homes and livelihood of citizens and establishing stability, Bafel Talabani reiterated on the independence of law and judicial power. He then addressed the tasks and responsibilities of interior and security forces in safeguarding public life, protecting everyone and providing more appropriate atmosphere for work safety.

“Violating laws and damaging the public life will not be allowed under any excuse,” PUK co-leader stated.

He added, “We take every legal steps and sue the violators to justice, because safety and stability of people’s life for PUK is a red line and will not be crossed.”

Talabani further asserted that no one is above the law, and we will firmly punish those assaulting people’s livelihood and destabilizing the community. “We have vowed to Slemani and its people to protect their life and live in a calm life.” He added.

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