Kurdistan Region is to build 50 dams

  2019-01-10 11:39      289 View Count        Comment

Kurdistan Regional government is planning to build 50 dams, Akram Ahmed-Head of Kurdistan Region’s dams- stated.
The Region has now 17 big dams and 14 small dams, and we are now preparing for constructing 50 more dams in which 18 of them will be huge.
Kurdistan Region is an area with plenty of rainfall in winter season, which makes the availability of dams easier. The dams will be used in favor of more electricity production and in water supply for the people.
Akram Ahmed said “We have demanded budget to construct them previously, but due to the previous year’s economic crises we couldn’t receive the budget. However, we are waiting for the upcoming cabinet to provide the necessary budget so as to build the dams”

Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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