Rzgar Ali receives United Nations Political Advisor to Iraq

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On Monday, Nov 16, Member of PUK Politburo’s Executive Board, Rzgar Ali, received United Nations Political Advisor to Iraq, at PUK headquarter, in Slemani.

In the meeting, which was attended by the Head of United Nations office for political affairs in Slemani, the latest political changes of Iraq were discussed.

Rzgar Ali clearly explained the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s perspective regarding the questions of governing and politic in Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

Ali asked the United Nations to tighten its attempts in aiding and advising the Iraqi federal government and Kurdistan Region in order to resolve their bilateral issues, reach an accord and practice Iraqi constitutional laws.

He pointed out: “The livelihood of people is in danger and became the victim of disputes.”

Concerning the disputed areas, Ali said “The political, security and administrative situation of those areas is PUK’s concern, and the rights of ethnicities and problems of those areas shall be resolved via constitution.” Adding, “UN should concentrate its efforts for that purpose.”

Regarding the budgetary issue between Iraq and Kurdistan Region, he asserted that “The Iraqi government and Kurdistan Region should treat the budgetary and financial issues within the framework of constitution and open dialogue.”

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih



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