Russian President awards a Kurdish female volunteer

  2018-12-17 11:38      379 View Count        Comment
Lania Awat, Kurdish female volunteer who was awarded by Vladimir Putin for her humanitarian acts.

A Kurdish female, as a volunteer, was invited to Russia and was awarded by Russian President Vladimir Putin among 15000 volunteers who were coming from 120 different countries.

Lania Awat who is a 32 year Kurdish woman volunteer was prized for his unwavering volunteering activities she has been doing for humanity.

In a statement to PUKNOW, Lania said” I have participated in the awarding ceremony as a Kurdish female, and received an award as a result of my works that I have done in the humanitarian fields via Non-governmental organizations”

At first, she began her volunteering in United States then she continues doing it in Kurdistan region, and she hopes she would be able to make bigger changes through her works.


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