PUK Leadership Council issues a statement concerning Iraq, Kurdistan and the party's internal affairs

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Earlier today on December 1, 2018, PUK Leadership Council held a meeting at PUK Political Bureau’s headquarter in Sulaimani. The meeting was to address some important issues concerning Iraq, Kurdistan and the party’s internal changes.

After the meeting, they issued a statement citing “The meeting was held in these fragile situations Kurdistan and the region is going through, and in the light of the new political changes and equations, the Council negotiated four main axes about Iraq, Kurdistan and Kirkuk, and the internal affairs of the party.”
It went to say, “about the political axis and the administration of governance in Iraq, the leadership council reiterated on the political process entering into a new phase, as well as the availability of a possible ground to initiate an official dialogue between Kurdistan Region and the federal government to address the issues and the establishment of constitutional and democratic rights of Kurdish people in accordance with the permanent Iraqi constitution, there is no doubt that the unity of the Kurdistani political parties in Baghdad is an urgent necessity for the current phase and triumph of the talks.”

  “Since PUK has historical relations with the Iraqi forces, parties, and have experience and a saved location in Baghdad and in the light of the experience and policy of President Mam Jalal, PUK will continue its efforts to provide the ground for mutual action of the Kurdish blocs and address the problems between Kurdistan Region and the federal government.” the statement points out. PUK Leadership Council also stressed on its support for the stands and steps of the President of the Republic and the bloc of PUK in the parliament, and the need to receive the quota of PUK in the formation of the new federal government. “In the axis of dialogues and the discussion of the political situation in the Kurdistan Region and the negotiations on the formation of the new government in the Kurdistan Region, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan prepared a comprehensive work program to participate in the new government to improve the living conditions of the people of Kurdistan to address the problems and shortcomings of governance in all areas, because PUK believes that the government's program to serve the citizens is very important for the success of governance, and the real participation of the PUK political parties, joint decision-making and joint responsibility is very important to the success of the government formation And implementation of its program.” the Council remarks.
The statement also adds tha “the leadership council evaluated the situation in Kirkuk and the other disputed areas and discussed the unstable situation in those areas and the decisions issued to restore the demographic change in Kirkuk and undermine the security and stability of citizens stressing the rejection of these unconstitutional decisions to end those undesirable situations.”
Furthermore, the leadership council discussed the affairs of the party's institutions and offices and ways to address the shortcomings, and took necessary decisions to manage the interim tasks and carry out the duties. Concluding that, in the light of the comrades' dialogue, the meeting ruled to form a number of committees to implement the decisions of the leadership council and the PUK project to form the government and the files of Baghdad, Kurdistan, media, public administration and supporting the government to establish security, stability and the rule of law.


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