University of Sulaimani celebrates its foundation anniversary

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On Wednesday November 26, 2018, the foundation anniversary of University of Sulaimani was commemorated in Sulaimani by the attendance of various governmental and partisan officials, intellectuals, authors, university lecturers, students, artists and musicians.

In the first day of the ceremony, head of Sulaimani University and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research delivered their speech, pointing to the developments and innovations carried out by the university since its foundation.

Then at the outset of the commemoration, an award of Respect was given to Jalal Talabani for founding the University of Sulaimani and, his continuous support and aids for the university.

Besides that, a number of awards were also given to a number of the university’s teachers, scientific figures, literary persons, businessman, officials and some Public figures such as Nawshirwan Mustafa, Kosrat Rasul, Masoud Barzani, Faruq Mala Mustafa, Jamal Abdul and Latif Rashid, for their assistance and support to the university.

The ceremony will last for two days in which throughout these two days various projects, seminars and, sport, health and literary activities will be performed.


Prepared by: Dr. Yadasht Salih




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