PUK's team in KRG: Government shall serve people equally, not to intervene in political issues

  2020-10-17 12:09      227 View Count        Comment

PUK’s team in Kurdistan Regional government issues a statement regarding the government’s attitude towards the incidents, stating that the government’s task is to serve its people equally, and not to intervene itself in the political problems.

The statement said: “Likewise our nation’s history is full of honor and achievement, it is also not devoid of catastrophe, unwanted incidents, and others to blame.” However, it added, “In order to know the truth, the pattern of their occurrence, their players, causes and consequences, historians shall investigate on these events fairly.”

“We believe that the Kurdistan Regional government’s task is to serve its people equally instead of intervening itself in political problems, thus the government and officials in charge must preserve themselves from an attitude or delivering a statement that will move Kurdistan away from stability,” It remarked.

The PUK’s team emphasized that, “If the government is supposed to take attitude on the calamities and tragedies then should fairly address all the events including August 31, Shingal catastrophe, Yazidis Genocide, and other events.”

Edited by: Dr. Yadasht Salih


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