Slemani: Iraqi Federal Government and Kurdistan Region announce Social Fund Project

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On Saturday Oct 10, the Ministers of Planning of Iraq and Kurdistan Region together with Slemani governor announced Social Fund Project in the city of Slemani.
Qaraman Jawhar, Head of Media department in the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Planning, said “The project is a social development project, which will be practiced each year in a different governorate, and will last for 1 year.”

The project was held in Duhok last year, and will continue to be implemented in the other governorates of Iraq.
“It includes social aids and provision of service, mainly in the villages and districts, and it is done in cooperation between Iraq and Kurdistan Region’s Ministries of Planning.” He stated.
During the same press conference, Dr. Dara Rashid, Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan Regional Government, said: "The poverty rate in the Kurdistan Region is 9%, the highest rate is in Duhok Governorate and then Erbil, and the lowest poverty rate is in Slemani Governorate."
"The projects of the Social Development Fund depend on the percentage of the population and the percentage of poverty, and we know that the Slemani governorate was exposed to the largest percentage of tragedies and destruction by the former Iraqi regime, so we started to launch projects in Slemani province as a second stage," he added.
He pointed out that the period of implementing projects in Slemani province is 5 years and that the amounts allocated to these projects are 9.3 million dollars, and the implementation of the projects will start soon.


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